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The Diocesan Collection

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This collection includes the Archive from the Archdiocese of Armagh (1787-1963). As well as dealing with the everyday ecclesiastical and administrative life of the church the papers contain important records detailing relations between the Diocese and the British and Irish governments as well as the Vatican over the course of this period. Given the prominence of the Catholic Church in the religious, social and political life of the country its archives contain much essential information for anyone studying the major events of modern Irish history including Catholic Emancipation, the Great Famine, the Land War, Home Rule, the War of Independence and the creation of the Northern Ireland state. The collection also contains the Parish Archives of the Archdiocese.

The papers of several former Archbishops of Armagh and Primates of All Ireland are held in the archive. These include:

  • Dr. Reilly [1787-1818]
  • Dr. Curtis [1819-32]
  • Dr. Kelly [1828-35]
  • Dr. Crolly [1835-49]
  • Cardinal Cullen [1849-52]
  • Dr. Dixon [1852-66]
  • Dr. Keiran [1866-69]
  • Dr. McGettigan [1870-87]
  • Cardinal Logue [1887-1924]
  • Cardinal D'alton [1946-63]
  • Cardinal O'Donnell [1924-27]
  • Cadinal MacRory [1928-45]

Other church records relate to the day to day business of individual parishes within the archdiocese as well as communication between the archdiocese and Rome.

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